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Data Breaches Dominate Today's Headlines

Security is Business Critical

So your systems have been breached—how do you know what has actually changed within your environment? ​

With ISOdx, you can instantly identify what has changed across the entire enterprise and quickly put systems back to their prior unaffected state.

People talk about cybersecurity and big data analytics as being top priorities, but ISOdx approaches them as a combined entity. With the ISOdx approach, you can utilize big data analytics to achieve cybersecurity.

Other than lost business, data breach aftermath bears the expense of investigation and crisis-management costs. Many don’t realize that simply being able to detect changes in all these technology environments is key to quick resolution. ISOdx shows you what changed, pinpointing the problem.

Technically speaking:

  • Enhance incident response capabilities by knowing exactly what changed and when, whether in a single system compromise or an enterprise-wide intrusion, accelerates threat resolution time.
  • Analyze forensic anomalies and outliers: Analyze only what has changed
    Crime scene evidence: Deep/wide incident investigation. Know exactly what changed and what/how to restore.
  • Adapt to ever changing or unknown threats by tracking countless elements and monitoring change within the ecosystem. Watch it morph.
  • Enhance ATP: Works around inherent limitations of sandboxes (permutations).
    Enhanced end-to-end view of attacks by knowing exactly what changed over time.
  • Facilitate "the hunt" -- when unsure of the anomalies/outliers, immediately identify change across millions of attributes. Find the needle in the haystack.
  • Promote enterprise forensics: Unique DataMart with historical change for enhanced threat analytics within the enterprise and across all enterprise customers.
  • Eliminate fragmented, incomplete views of attacks: Monitor configuration of millions of attributes and know exactly what changed (cast a wide net).
  • Automate analytics: Check the security posture of a system.
  • Audit: History of security posture over time.

Check out some of the recent cybersecurity issues in the news below—understanding that ISOdx could have ​​minimized damage and help resolve quickly.

Army National Guard Data Breach

Current and former Army National Guard members since 2004 may be affected by a breach unearthing member's personal information. The hack impacted more than 22 million people. ISOdx could have shortcut investigation time by exposing exactly what information was exposed and those involved. Read story.

Harvard Data Breach Impacts Eight Colleges

Discovered in June of 2015, Harvard's administration is not yet completely certain about the exact data stolen. ISOdx would have been able to ​help. Read entire story.

2014 Office of Personnel and Management Breach

OPM's systems were breached in December 2014. OPM became aware of the cyber intrusion in April, only after it beefed up internal security measures to detect and mitigate cyber attacks. The breach may have compromised personal data of 4 million current and former federal civilian employees at executive branch agencies. This incident, considered one of the worst breaches in government history, ​could have been helped in many ways by ISOdx. Read entire story.


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