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Company at Risk? Vulnerable?
You will Stay in Compliance with ISOdx

ISOdx improves the flow of information needed to conduct an IT compliance audit,  AND it will free a company's IT staff from repeated inquiries and disruptions created by today's audit processes. 

I​SOdx provides a process for continuous auditing and monitoring of systems to verify they are always in compliance.

For Change Management, it provides a down-to-the character audit of the changes made throughout your IT ecosystem. Instead of devoting more human capital to their IT compliance efforts, many organizations have recognized that leveraging technology to help automate their GRC activities can dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Cut the time your organization spends in compliance efforts:

  • Developing the list of changes that occurred in your organization’s IT ecosystem,
  • Determining if the changes were made as part of an approved change ticket or not, and
  • Documenting exactly what changed (file contents, permissions, database tables and schema, security settings, etc.) between any two points in time.

ISOdx becomes the engine for your “closed loop system” —automating the process of identifying which changes were made as part of an approved change ticket, and which changes were not. This process has dramatically reduced the manual time and effort for our clients.

For Identity Access Management, ISOdx provides advanced analytics, forensics and discovery to go beyond traditional identity and access governance. ISOdx:

  • Automates identity access workflows to ensure business processes are completed
  • Provides analysis with the ability to link accounts, identity and usage data
  • Automates data feed and aggregation within and across disparate entitlement repositories, and automatically generates reports
  • Performs correlation of assets, applications, permissions, accounts, usages, and identities
  • Monitors and alerts authorized users to unauthorized system changes
  • Provides access to structured and unstructured data
  • Identifies orphan, ghost, inactive, and shared accounts to reduce risk
  • Delivers operational efficiency by eliminating labor-intensive processes to demonstrate compliance
  • Consolidates entitlements and usage history to proactively detect risk situations
  • Highlights access risks, compliance gaps, and history
  • Identifies pre-audit areas for remediation:
    • Validates all approved changes occurred
    • Identifies all changes that did not occur that should have
    • Identifies all unapproved changes


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