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Have the Data you Need to Make Good Decisions?

ISOdx gathers big data about the entire IT ecosystem. Any unstructured data? It is converted to structured data so that analytics can be used to identify changes. In addition, ISOdx provides an inventory of all systems and devices for your company. ​Another big advantage is that you gain software license audits, and version consistency across the entire enterprise.

Structured data and previously noncollectable data is now easily accessed for advanced analytics and identifying change over time.

Analytics out performs basic Business Intelligence by providing in-depth organizational benefits. According to a recent Gartner Report,"Today, only strategic decisions (and not even all of them) are made at a rate slower than the speed of business. Tactical and operational decisions must increasingly be made at a rate faster than humans are capable of." In Gartner's Ten Reasons to Reach Beyond Basic Business Intelligence, it notes that leading organizations typically focus on analytic benefits such as:

  • Identifying weak signals
  • Benefiting from big data
  • Embracing complexity, unexpected activity and changing conditions
  • Understanding unstructured data
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Automating risk and compliance reporting
  • Enabling full-sample forensics
  • Evolving to insight and foresight
  • Enhancing scenario planning
  • Instigating innovation


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