Advanced Remote Monitoring

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Benefits for your organization

  • Create new revenue streams by analyzing license compliance, offering premium support deals
    and creating new service offerings for your organization
  • Reduce support costs while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction
  • Support an expanding customer base without expanding the size of your support team
  • Free up technical engineering and development resources that would have been deployed
    to assist your support team
  • Strengthen your brand and dramatically improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Differentiate your business from the competition by offering unmatched support

Benefits for your customers

  • Technical support issues are resolved more quickly and efficiently
  • Customers can focus on their strategic initiatives instead of spending time and resources on support issues
  • Save your customers from the frustration of “finger-pointing" when problems are the result of third-party issues
  • Proactive alerts can help customers avoid problems before they even occur

Benefits for your support team

  • Solve customer problems up to 90 percent faster and minimize customer involvement in problem-solving
  • Create consistent processes for techs and engineers regardless of their area of expertise or skill level
  • Improve first-call resolutions and avoid costly escalations
  • Give Level 1 support staff advanced capabilities and make them more productive
  • Resolve challenging, complex calls in a fraction of the time it takes today

Use ISOdx remote monitoring throughout your organization for maximum value

The powerful, flexible architecture of the ISOdx remote monitoring tool can be used in a wide range of capacities, both within and beyond your support organization. For example, ISOdx remote monitoring can be used to:

  • Standardize the product development process — compare your servers from development through QA/QC
    to production for consistent results
  • Enhance asset management capabilities
  • Document customer environments for compliance and reporting needs
  • Provide a seamless transition between professional services/implementation and ongoing support
  • Provide disaster recovery documentation of customer systems
  • Conduct customer assessments and site surveys faster and submit proposals more quickly
  • Expand your knowledge base

Friendly User Interface

ISOdx remote monitoring has a friendly user interface (UI) including custom graph and chart capabilities. The UI also provides each user with the ability to develop and share a custom view into ISOdx data. It supports the creation of standalone charts and graphs that may be included in any other web page, including web-enabled ticketing systems and self-service portals.


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