How does ISOdx help resolve problems faster?

ISOdx addresses a fundamental gap in how support organizations have traditionally supported technology. Without information about how key aspects of a supported system and the ecosystem in which it operates are configured, support organizations often attempt to understand why a system is not working without a key piece of information: what did it look like when it did work as expected? ISOdx documents 30 moments in time (by default, this is adjustable), enables comparison of any moments in time to highlight potential problem causes, and provides advanced analytics to proactively look for problem causes before problems occur.

Is ISOdx a monitoring tool?

ISOdx combines the capabilities of traditional monitoring tools with the power of data analytics, providing your support organization with the information required to resolve customer issues faster than ever before. Traditional monitoring tools only make you aware of the existence of a problem, but do not capture the information required to resolve the issue. 

Can ISOdx help us be more proactive with our customers?

ISOdx has achieved reductions in MTTR of up to 95% for our customers, and is unparalleled in its ability to help you solve problems reactively. How much more valuable would your service be if you routinely solved problems before customers were impacted? By configuring ISOdx to look for known problem causes, such as a change being made to a setting that should remain unchanged, you can proactively notify your customer that the change that was made will cause a problem if not changed back. Using ISOdx, you demonstrated unprecedented value to your customers by helping them avoid downtime.

Will ISOdx allow me to offer “self-help” capabilities to my customers?

Absolutely. ISOdx provides this capability and it’s up to you whether you provide it to one, many,
or no customers.

What if my customer does not want information to leave their site?

ISOdx is architected to address even the most restrictive customer environments. Although the classic collection methodology dictates that support forensics to the support organization are encrypted and transmitted using highly secure HTTPS, some customers refuse to allow information to leave the supported site either due to regulatory or security restrictions. Using the ISOdx On Demand Architecture, information collected on supported systems is stored on those systems until needed. Another approach is to place the entire ISOdx software stack on-premise at the customer location.

What business metrics does ISOdx impact?

ISOdx has the ability to impact a variety of key business metrics, including Mean Time to Problem Resolution, Cost per Incident, Time per Incident, Calls per FTE, and Customer Satisfaction. ISOdx customers have seen a remarkable improvement in all of these metrics when ISOdx is implemented.

Where will ISOdx benefit my organization?

ISOdx provides extraordinary value in areas well beyond support. QA/QC gains an invaluable resource for the development process, asset management tools are supplemented or replaced using information that is collected by ISOdx, compliance and reporting are improved, disaster recovery is more seamless, services are scoped and delivered much more accurately, and your knowledge base grows with every new case that is resolved.

What information can ISOdx capture?

With ISOdx, you’ll have the ability to capture more information about your servers and other devices than you’ve ever had before. How much is captured is entirely up to you. ISOdx provides you with the ability to capture hardware, operating system, configuration, command output, log file, and application information. And more.

Does ISOdx offer notifications of specific events / changes when they occur in my environment?

Absolutely. ISOdx offers a proactive alerting capability that analyzes ISOdx snapshots of your customer’s devices as they are taken. You define the criteria regarding the items that indicate a possible problem. Upon finding that item/situation, ISOdx will generate a report and send an e-mail alerting your designated recipients of the situation. The report may be accessed directly from that e-mail.   

Does ISOdx have reporting capabilities and a user interface?

Yes. ISOdx offers a very flexible filtering and reporting capability. You have the ability to create public (sharable) and private report definitions. Reports may be run on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. 

ISOdx has a friendly user interface (UI) including custom graph and chart capabilities. The UI also provides each user with the ability to develop and share a custom view into ISOdx data. It supports the creation of standalone charts and graphs that may be included in any other web page, including web-enabled ticketing systems and self-service portals. 

Does ISOdx have an API/SDK?

Yes. The ISOdx API/SDK provides access to all information stored in the data warehouse. Use of the API creates many opportunities leveraging this information, including the opportunity to interface this data with your current ticketing system so your support staffers never have to leave the application that they’re comfortable using with each support case.

How many devices can a single ISOdx host server support?

The number of devices that can be supported depends on a couple of key factors: the configuration of the host server, and the amount of information being collected. Since the information you collect using ISOdx is totally customizable to your environment, the number of devices that can be supported by a single host depends on the size and type of information you are collecting. ISOdx engineers assist with determining the appropriate host size for your needs.

Can I collect different information from each device snapped or must I collect the same items
from each like device?

You have total control in determining what is collected from any, all, or groups of devices.
Furthermore, you can modify the collection criteria for any, all, or groups of devices at any time. 

Can I use ISOdx to compare one device to another?

Yes. You may compare one server to another. The compared servers may reside within a single customer organization, or at two customer locations. Likewise, you may compare the customer’s server to a known good server located within your own organization.

When are ISOdx snapshots taken?

ISOdx snapshots are scheduled by you. It’s recommended that you stagger snapshot schedules between devices in order to maximize snapshot import efficiencies. Your ISOdx Solutions team will work with you to understand your situation and to recommend snapshot best practices to meet your needs. In addition, Spot Checker permits technology support organizations to collect support forensics without the involvement of their customers. Without installing agents (programs used to collect system information), Spot Checker captures actionable, near real-time metric data.

Does ISOdx only watch for operating system and configuration changes?

No. In addition to its ability to document entire systems, ISOdx will identify changes occurring on files, operating systems, hardware and command outputs.  ISOdx also has the capability to interrogate virtually any software application, whether in-house or commercially developed. You have complete control in determining what parameters should be included or excluded by ISOdx.

Does ISOdx support network devices?

Yes. ISOdx can capture information from any device with a TCP/IP connection and standard interfaces like telnet, SSH, or SNMP. ISOdx can even tap into serial and SCSI connections.

Can ISOdx help me identify changes in a database?

Most definitely.  ISOdx can capture database and any other any machine-generated information.
Using standard database techniques, any information available in the database is accessible by ISOdx.

How is ISOdx different from proprietary tools?

Proprietary tools gather information specific to the supported application or system. ISOdx was designed as a tool specifically for support organizations, so it was designed to collect information on ecosystem elements necessary for the proper functioning of the supported application or system. Problems with a software application, for example, are more frequently caused by elements of the ecosystem (network, application conflicts, etc.) than they are by bugs in the application. ISOdx addresses both problems with the supported application and the ecosystem in which it functions.

Does ISOdx use an agent?

No, ISOdx uses an innovative technique to capture relevant support information using a single executable, approximately 2MB in size, on each target device. This executable is self-contained and does not require an “install,” nor does it run 24x7. Most importantly, it requires no in-bound TCP/IP ports; the executable uses HTTPS outbound communication only when it is run.

What type of security does ISOdx use to protect support information?

ISOdx offers a multi-tenant database that enables individual organizations / end-customers to be stored in unique databases, which prevents any cross-contamination of customer support information. Access to that information is controlled via the portal interface and a strict set of access rules using user, user roles, and organization hierarchy. ISOdx uses industry-standard HTTPS encryption to secure data in transit.

How long does it take to deploy ISOdx?

ISOdx can be installed and fully functional on the host server within 30 minutes. The standard out-of-the-box ISOdx configuration allows you to be productive in less than one hour. Creating custom content typically takes approximately one hour per application. Most customers begin to realize business benefit during the first week ISOdx is implemented.

How much training is required to use ISOdx?

Training is offered for end users and administrators as part of our one-week implementation and configuration professional services project. Training for an end user typically requires four hours, while training for an ISOdx administrator typically requires two days.

Do I need a full-time person to maintain ISOdx?

No, a full-time person is not required.  The ISOdx host server requires minimal maintenance. Nightly backups should be performed using your normal backup software and procedures. ISOdx software updates occur 3-4 times per year and will require a simple download and installation. ISOdx host administration is covered during your initial ISOdx implementation training.

Are start-up and ongoing ISOdx professional services available?

Yes. ISOdx Solutions understands the importance and value of selecting a vendor who will be there for you whenever the need arises. ISOdx Solutions provides a full range of implementation, ongoing training and professional services to ensure that your business objectives are met and that the expected benefits of our product are realized by your organization.


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