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Latest Release of ISOdx Advanced Remote Monitoring Leverages Data Aggregation & Analytics to Provide ISVs, OEMs and MSPs Leading Edge Proactive Support Capabilities

Sep 30, 2013
ISOdx ARM 4.4.1 offers organizations of any size powerful proactive support capabilities to improve customer retention, control costs, provide competitive advantage and transform the customer relationship.

COLUMBUS OH, October 1, 2013—ISOdx Solutions LLC today announces the release of ISOdx Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM) version 4.4.1. This latest release of ISOdx ARM includes powerful data aggregation and analytics capabilities that enable Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to quickly deploy proactive support capabilities that have been proven to increase customer retention and reduce support costs. 

“Every technology company is being challenged by the new economics of how customers want to consume their products,” said ISOdx Solutions President, TJ Felice.  ”This new model places a significant dollar value on customer retention, making it more important than ever. Likewise, technology companies need to control the costs of supporting their products and services, and developing proactive support capabilities is far less expensive than the reactive support model. Proactive support is predicated on automatically collecting support data and analyzing it to identify opportunities to provide value to your customers.” ISOdx ARM 4.4.1 utilizes new data aggregation and analytics capabilities that enable technology companies to quickly deploy proactive support capabilities including:

  • Creating analytics that automatically search an installed base to identify customers that have a specific combination of third  party software components that put them “at risk” for experiencing an outage.
  • Aggregating information to pinpoint what customers were doing when they clicked on the “help” icon.
  • Forecasting product adoption by tracking which customers have (or have not) used a new feature in a product, and automatically generating outbound communication asking for feedback on their experience.

For additional information, visit the ISOdx Automated Remote Monitoring web page:

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