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ISOdx Solutions Launches Version 4.4.7

Apr 19, 2015

COLUMBUS , OH – April 19, 2015 --  “API user edit capability has been added in version 4.4.7,” according to ISOdx CTO Mike Cush, “along with additional updates to the Administrative Guide and an early alpha release of a new Administrative Portal.”

In addition, Webapp performance elements have been added to Scribe, and Phase III of the transition to the yum system has been completed and includes:

  • Added convenience packages
  • Upstream repo (epel-release) which now handles a large majority of third-party packages
  • Separated secure repos for ISOdx, ISOdx-third-party RPMs and ISOdx-third-party-source RPMs
  • Update to Java 1.8 

Also in this release are completely new ISOdx modules for server self- snapshot that enable improved supportability.

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