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ISOdx Releases Version 4.4.8 in May

May 04, 2015

COLUMBUS, OH--May 4, 2015–A great deal of updates and enhancements are included in this release, according to ISOdx Solutions CTO Mike Cush.

With the ISOdx binary there are:

  • Updated OpenSSL to current version
  • Feature parity of Linux and Windows binaries
  • Support for more complex collection passwords
  • Collection password
    • Now stored in database
    • API support for viewing and modifying collection password

“In our core product, “ Cush said, “ Additional API elements now allow for finer grained access control, many enhancements have bee done for the Standalone Collector server, and ISOdx-gui enhancements have been completed, a future replacement for the classic portal”

In way of documentation, there are significant updates to the Admin and User Guides as well as API online documentation updates.

Please contact vnixon@isodxsolution for additional information or questions.


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