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ISOdx Releases Version 4.4.6

Feb 10, 2015

COLUMBUS Ohio -- Feb. 10, 2015--ISOdx Solutions LLC recently released version 4.4.6.

New functionality and enhancements to the core product include:

  • E-mail notification interval warning for the e-mail system has been revamped
  • Secure public yum repo
  • Cross-site scripting check now allows users to change ports
  • First stages of new default portal using ISOdx API (hidden) are completed
  • Importer Hook now is a pre-import hook to allow processing

As for Scribe updates—an option to support ignoring n lines (headers) has been added along with a Boolean interpreter and XML input interpreter.

Collector enhancements include:

  • The Linux-x86_64 and Windows binaries now support the processing of snapshot data after snapshot but before upload (ssdata.tar).
  • The Linux-x86_64 and Windows binaries now support CURLOPT_SLL_VERIFYHOST options
  • Windows Cygwin utilities updated to 1.7.32

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