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ISOdx Version 4.4.2 Now Available

Jan 16, 2014

ISOdx ARM 4.4.2 offers organizations of any size powerful proactive support capabilities to improve customer retention, control costs, provide competitive advantage and transform the customer relationship.

COLUMBUS OH, January 16, 2014—ISOdx Solutions LLC today announces the release of ISOdx Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM) version 4.4.2. This latest release of ISOdx ARM includes improved data aggregation and analytics capabilities and additional automation that enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to quickly deploy proactive support capabilities that have been proven to increase customer retention and reduce support costs. 

“Even with an improving economy, technology companies continue to focus on the costs related to supporting their products and services.  Leading organizations continue to invest in the development and deployment of proactive support capabilities as a way of reducing the cost to serve over the less efficient, more expensive reactive support model. Proactive support is predicated on automatically collecting support data and analyzing it to identify opportunities to provide value to your customers.” ISOdx ARM 4.4.2 offers exciting automation capabilities that enable technology companies to quickly deploy proactive support offerings:

  • Creation of the Rollcall feature to automatically generate a message when (a) a snapshot from a specified device is not received in a specified time period, and/or (b) a snapshot does not contain specified data.
  • Expanded the out-of-the-box Windows distribution (collection instructions) to include a tool for reading log files in reverse order (tac.exe)
  • Creation of a stand-alone service (provided by URL call) to identify differences between two strings or API objects. 

You may read the release notes on 4.4.2 here.


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