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We hear great stories every day about how our solution was used to save the day.
These are just a few of our favorites that illustrate the power of ISOdx.

IBM Netezza simplifies complex host issue hurdle 

Prior to installing ISOdx, IBM Netezza experienced six complex customer host issues that required significant time, effort and resources to resolve. Knowing they would continue to run into time-draining, host-based problems they didn’t have the tools to effectively resolve, IBM  Netezza looked to ISOdx for its trouble-shooting and analytical capabilities.  

ISOdx was up, running and collecting information by noon on the first day of implementation — and training was completed in a single week.  

The results have exceeded expectations. To date, there have been no protracted host system outages since ISOdx was deployed. IBM Netezza has realized a 321% ROI on its investment in just six months and has reduced problem resolution time by more than 95% for complex host issues. Improved customer satisfaction was an instant by-product.  

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RouteSmart takes customer support to a new level

RouteSmart Technologies’ goal was to become quicker and more proactive in serving their clients–both for client satisfaction and retention. “The one thing we can't give a client back is time,” said Director of Client Services Brad Cox. "Our clients have increasing demands for support, but also constrained budgets and resources. Their world is in transition, and they need additional automated processes to support their mission-critical operations."

Realizing that knowing what clients need and appreciate was essential, the RouteSmart support team conducted a study to determine their clients’ most valued ROI–reliability and rapid solutions. “We wanted to provide a customer experience that was predictable, intentional, valuable and differentiated in the market,” Cox added. “If you can do that successfully, with every client interaction, hopefully that translates into customer loyalty.”

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CareTech Solutions Data Migration Story

When CareTech Solutions planned to migrate a new hospital into its data center, the incumbent IT services provider claimed its server configurations were proprietary and refused to share any information.

This meant CareTech was looking at having to build 60 application configurations from scratch, which would have caused 72 to 96 hours of downtime for the hospital and possibly put patient care at risk.     

Before the transition to CareTech took place, ISOdx was brought in to create a record of all the configurations. CareTech didn’t have to start from scratch and was able to have its customer up and running with zero downtime for the hospital.

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