Technical Specifications

What is ISOdx?

It is easiest to think of ISOdx advanced remote monitoring as a configurable application that performs three main functions:

  • Data collection, from practically any device connected to a network
  • Data storage, in the multi-tenant, ISOdx data warehouse
  • Data retrieval, aggregation & presentation - end users can tailor how information is presented in the ISOdx GUI, reports, proactive alerts, email messages, etc.

ISOdx collects over 250,000 data points out of the box.  The application can easily be configured to develop new tools, or leverage tools you already use to collect and analyze data.  The benefits of using ISOdx include:

  • Comprehensive, complete functionality is delivered right out of the box.  However, the flexibility of the application means that you can continue to use current tools, or easily develop new ones, to satisfy your specific data collection and analysis requirements.
  • The power of ISOdx allows you to automate and standardize data collection and presentation, spanning multiple platforms, products and customers.
  • ISOdx enables the reusability and consistent application of best practices and intellectual property, improving the efficiency of your support team.

Supported Platforms 

ISOdx supports the most popular and commonly used hardware, operating systems and applications:

    • IBM AIX
    • HP-UX
    • Linux
    • Solaris (SPARC and x86)
    • Windows
    • Devices with TCP/IP connectivity (switches, routers, etc.)
    • Any application software
    • Any database

Advanced Remote Monitoring Using Industry-standard Protocols 

  • No software dependencies
  • Does not run 24 x 7; No agent management
  • No open TCP/IP Ports
  • Read-only collection
  • Secure HTTPS collection
  • No reboot required

For additional technical information, download our Technical Specifications Overview document.

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