A remote monitoring solution unlike any other

When your customer calls you with a support issue, your product isn’t working and they expect you
to be able to resolve the problem. Regardless of what may actually be causing the problem, the customer holds you accountable for resolving the problem.

But the truth is, the problem might not be with your product at all.

Troubleshooting in this environment requires your techs to:

  • Engage the customer in lengthy Q&A explorations, hoping to isolate the issue that’s causing the problem

  • Support multi-vendor hardware and software combinations, many of which they have no familiarity or training (48% of support staff spend as much as six weeks per year being trained on third-party/multi-vendor technology)

  • Escalate difficult problems to higher-level techs (or even involve development personnel), incurring additional expense for your organization and impacting customer satisfaction

What if your support team had all the answers regarding a customer's environment before the customer picks up the phone to report an issue? With ISOdx remote monitoring, that's exactly what they'd have.

With advanced monitoring capabilities, ISOdx collects support forensics about your customer’s systems and puts critical information at your team’s fingertips before the customer’s first call.

By leveraging moment-in-time snapshots of your customer’s historical system data, your techs can
analyze changes in the customer’s entire multi-vendor environment to quickly isolate the root cause
of problems and resolve them in a fraction of the time previously required.

ISOdx analytics allow you to use the information you have gathered about your customer’s environment,
apply intelligence to it and proactively take action. For instance, you could:

  • Identify a failed hardware component and automatically notify the customer via email

  • Analyze support trends across your customer base to target cross-sell opportunities

  • Proactively notify a customer if they attempt a software upgrade that is not completed successfully

These examples are just a few of the ways ISOdx analytics can expand your support capabilities.

Unlike other monitoring solutions, ISOdx doesn’t require an agent to be running constantly on your customers’ systems. Our unique, unobtrusive data collection can be scheduled or can occur on demand, and ISOdx integrates seamlessly with your existing help desk software.

The net results:

  • Empower Level 1 techs to solve more issues — and more complex issues — with no reliance on the customer for information

  • Achieve greater first-contact resolution with as much as a 95% improvement in mean time to resolution

  • Leverage the ISOdx data warehouse to proactively notify customers before they encounter a known problem

Your customers go back to being productive more quickly, and you can realize up to a proven 300% improvement in customer satisfaction — that’s what our customers are telling us.

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