A different solution from a different type of company    

There’s a reason we understand your world of technology support so well — it’s our world, too.

Hardware, software, or peripherals, we know the unique support challenges you face working in complex,
multi-vendor environments.

ISOdx remote monitoring exists to provide your support staff with a powerful tool to solve problems in your customers’ IT environments. By capturing and comparing moment-in-time snapshots, your support team can see what’s different between the current environment and a known working state to answer the most commonly asked support question — “what changed?”  

Born to address technology support needs    

ISOdx remote monitoring was originally created to address a real-world need of Versitec, the customer support division of Cranel, Inc. Versitec provides information technology service and support for more than 9,000 clients, ranging from manufacturers and retailers to hospitals and financial institutions, and is one of only three Symantec Technical Support Partner Program (TSPP) members in North America to achieve Elite status. As an elite TSPP member, Versitec is recognized as qualified to deliver world-class support on the same level as Symantec.

Before ISOdx remote monitoring, it was extremely difficult for Versitec to get information from customers to resolve their problems. Over 80% of call time was spent waiting on information from customers.

Versitec’s challenge was to constantly improve service levels while reducing the costs of supporting its customers. In researching the various reasons for customer support requests, Versitec found that nearly 90%
of all reported issues were caused by something changing within the customer’s IT environment.

Armed with this information, ISOdx Solutions engineers developed ISOdx remote monitoring to help Versitec support engineers proactively detect changes in the IT environments of its customers. This ability to rapidly find the
root cause of problems has reduced Versitec's support costs and has improved customer service levels by dramatically reducing the mean time to resolution and has doubled the number of calls the support team
can handle.

Realizing “we have something significant here,” the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels ISOdx Solutions was born.

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