A Data-driven Solution

In today's digital age, it's all about the data. ISOdx has the  unique ability to monitor ANY software, operating system, application, hardware and devices connected to a network. ​​ISOdx Software not only captures unstructured "big data," but also structures it in a matter that enables it to be ​utilized for IT Support, Compliance Audit, Security and Analytics.

​How ISOdx Originated

Based in Columbus, Ohio, ISOdx was originally created to address a real-world need of Versitec, the customer support division of Cranel, Inc. Versitec provides information technology service and support for more than 9,000 clients, ranging from manufacturers and retailers to hospitals and financial institutions,

Before ISOdx, it was extremely difficult for Versitec to get acceptable and timely information from customers to resolve their problems. Over 80% of call time was spent waiting on information from customers. Versitec’s challenge was to improve service levels while reducing the costs of supporting its customers. In researching the various reasons for customer support requests, Versitec found that nearly 90% of all reported issues were caused by something changing within the customer’s IT environment.

Armed with this information, ISOdx engineers developed ISOdx remote monitoring to help Versitec support engineers proactively detect changes in the IT environments of its customers. This ability to rapidly find the root cause of problems has reduced Versitec's support costs, and improved customer service levels.

Realizing “we have something significant here,” the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels ISOdx was born.


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